My New CI Blog!

After talking with my former teaching partner and friend, CI teacher extraordinaire, Annabelle Allen, I am finally ripping off the band-aid.  I’ve been wanting to start a CI


Hmm…maybe not our best selfie!?!?

blog for years, so here I go.  Annabelle had a good point saying that I reflect all the time, try new things, and have epic fails (ok, she didn’t say that, but I figure it fits in!), and my learning and reflection can help others.

This past weekend, I was at CCFLT with some of the most incredible teachers I’ve ever met from all over the US!  In addition, we had more than 15 teachers from Denver Public Schools presenting!! I am extremely lucky to be a part of a district with so many master teachers.  I also got to spend quality time with Annabelle.  She and I were discussing how incredible it is to have each other (and the community of CI teachers) as resources.  If you don’t use her resources yet, you need to.  Annabelle’s blog and YouTube posts are some of the most incredible resources out there!!!!

I truly believe that teachers NEED access to a community of teachers and/or good professional development. Our job is demanding, and my impression is that all too often, PD feels like one more thing that we’re required to do. I mean, how many memes are out there mocking teacher professional development?!   I have the buena suerte/bonne chance (eeek, see that French I acquired today!? thanks Terri for your extreme patience in helping me limp along at the CCFLT immersion luncheon!!!!!) of being surrounded by good PD all the time thanks to Diana Noonan and the incredible CI teachers that I work with in DPS.  So, in the spirit of “for of those to whom much is given, much is required”, why not offer myself as a resource to others who may benefit from my take on CI strategies?  There are tons of amazing CI blogs out there, but if my take on the strategies can help even one teacher, then it’s worth it! Here goes nothing!

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