Culture and News with CI!

I LOOOOOVE using culture and news articles in my classroom.  I developed this skill
during my 2nd year of teaching with CI.  Back then, I was TERRIBLE at asking TPRS stories


Cultural topic in Spanish 1b: The elephant debate in Thailand

and needed something different to keep myself and my students interested.  Thus, I started using news STORIES and cultural STORIES in the place of class STORIES. I questioned these just the same way  as you would question a TPRS story (circling, parking, etc.).  I even use student actors occasionally to mix it up. The only difference is that we’re acting a true story!!! Here’s a document that I created in case you’re interested in this idea but need a place to start: CI for Current Events, News Articles, and Culture: Mary Overton’s Step-by-step Guide

Also, here is a presentation about Arecibo, Puerto Rico that I created for CCFLT that you’re welcome to use (however, if you improve upon it please send it back to me!!!).


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