Promethean Board Tips and Tricks!

Today’s post is going to be hit or miss.  If you don’t have a Promethean Board in your classroom, then you should bypass this post!!!! If you do have one, I hope that my experience can help you to use your board in the most effective way possible!

To start, when you plug into your Promethean Board, it’s important that you have caBOTH cords connected (and a third to use your document camera if your set-up is like mine).  The VGA cable connects to the projector while the USB cable connects to the board.  Even though these two pieces of equipment work together, they don’t actually talk to each other.  I have found that I don’t usually have any problems with the VGA cables, but occasionally have problems with the USB cable.  In that case, I usually restart my computer and the board and try again which often solves the problem!


When you first plug in the USB cable, it will install a driver. The icon below (second from the left) is what my computer shows as it is installing the driver:1

When successful, you should hear the chime that tells you something has been plugged into the computer and see a check mark:


If unsuccessful (a.k.a. restart your computer and try again), you’ll see:


Once you have your board connected, I suggest spending some time getting to know your tools! You can add and take away tools from your toolbar by following the photo below!

Tools > More Tools > Edit User Defined Buttons


Once you’re in the editing menu, you can also change the look of your Flipchart. For example, under Settings > Flipchart, I change the “World Color” to white so that I can use the entire Flipchart space, not just the middle of the board!


Finally, here is a video of me using my Promethean Board.  Click the picture below to check out the tools that I use most frequently!!!!!






Please let me know if you have any questions!!!




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