Back-2-School! a.k.a. Thinking Ahead!

As the end of the school year approaches, I’m already thinking about next school year. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time. The beginning of a new school year is my chance to start over and do it better and do it right. But, I want to make sure that the things that seem so second nature now are on the forefront of my mind in the fall!

I always have a bit of dread about summer because to me, summer is a reminder of the impending pain. Coming back from any vacation (even long weekends) is always challenging for me. I mean, I’m talking physical pain! It’s like my brain goes into low gear over breaks and trying to ramp it back up to high gear takes a soooo much effort! Thus, in an effort to combat this, I’ve been working on a series of things that should help with coming back to school!!! 1st – here’s my back to school list of daily Flipcharts (Promethean’s version of PPT’s) and routines so that I can quickly and easily fall back into my daily routines!

I’m actually REALLY glad that I was already thinking of the fall because so is my admin! We had a PD day last week that included getting a jump on our 1st unit plan for the fall and weekly lesson plans! They were asking us to do this to help us, but some of my colleagues have expressed to me that they’re not in a place right professionally or emotionally now to be thinking of next year. Luckily, I was, so I wrote out on a calendar how I’ll split up my units! I’m an EXTREMELY visual thinker and learner, unit 1 take2so writing it out this way seemed so second nature and I CAN NOT believe that I’ve never done this before!!! 2nd – See picture for my Level 1a units written out on our district calendar.

Another thing that is BRILLIANT in my opinion is that I’m already booking volunteers to help set up my classroom in August!!!! I usually use my own parents to do things like hang posters on walls, number seats/desks, create seating charts by writing names on sticky notes, etc. However this year, I’ve already sent out the following message though our volunteer coordinator (feel free to use!):

I’d like to book a couple volunteers to help me during the week that teachers start back to school. Here is my request:
Mrs. Overton would like to connect with a few volunteers now to help with these back to school tasks!  
1. Volunteer needed one or two days (time TBD) during the week of August 14-17 to help create seating charts, label seats, etc.
2. Volunteer needed one or two days (time TBD) during the week of August 14-17 to put up posters (standing on desks/ladder required).

I also decided to try to get more teachers on board for using our volunteer network, so 3rd – here is an example (make a copy if you’re going to use it!) of the Google Sheet that my school will be using to book volunteers to help teachers!

I hope that some of my preparation for fall will help you as well! Happy almost summer!!!!!


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