Rigor & Interpersonal Communication Rubric

Per request, I’m sharing the Rigor & Interpersonal Communication Rubric that I use in class! Just like my Lectura Libre rubrics, I have many bright colored, laminated copies (double-sided, half-sheets) that I pass out when we need a refresher of CI expectations or when asking students to self-evaluate.

Please note that I did NOT create the original version of this rubric.  Jillian Rush (teacher extraordinaire) made her own version of this rubric using Ben Slavic‘s Rigor Poster and Interpersonal Rubric as well as her personal expectations.  I edited Jillian’s rubric to make it my own (don’t worry, I have permission to share my version of this!!!).  As always, many teachers have their own versions of this (Annick Chen and Annabelle Allen’s Interpersonal Rubrics have also influenced me), what I’m sharing is only ONE possibility in the world of CI.  Please feel free to download and edit, but give credit to the original masterminds!




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