“La Navidad” STATIONS for Spanish!!!

If you’re like me, then you’re pretty exhausted right now.  If your students are like my students, then they too are exhausted.  I LOVE everything that I’ve seen posted for Christmas (AMAZING resources from the iFLT/NTPRS/CI facebook page,  AnnabelleMartina Bex, etc!!!), but if you just don’t have the energy for PQA-ing, MovieTalk-ing, or story-ing, I’m offering you one more resource…………STATIONS! Yes, it can be done in CI!  I learned about the beauty of stations from a colleague years ago, and I ALWAYS do them once a semester.  I think that they are such a great way for teachers to circulate and give kids  one-on-one interaction while still allowing students to get different types of input.  Also, there is something about having different groups doing different activities that makes stations effective rather than just having the whole class do one activity at a time.


Ok, but really, that was my face yesterday–PAJAMA DAY– because there’s nothing like pajama day to make a teacher REALLLLLLLLY not want to wake up!!!!

First, I want you to know that I am tired. I mean, teacher tired. Like, this is my face right now:

So, when looking at these resources, be kind. I will never claim to have perfect resources. They’re free and done for you, but they miiiight have errors. 🙂  Just let me know if you find one.

Click here for the Google Folder. Make a copy for yourself if you want to make any changes!!!

Step-by-step stations:

  1. Print the instructions on brightly colored paper.
  2. Print all necessary accompanying materials (or upload them to Google Classroom/Schoology/etc. if you are paperless).
  3. Put instruction sheets in a bin/basket with the other resources. (Some stations have none.)
  4. Check out personal Chromebooks/ computers if you don’t have 1-to-1 technology for station 6.
  5. Left= Spanish 2, Right = Spanish 1a

    Make groups by copying and pasting names into a Word/Google Doc then label your spaces/tables by number. Post the list and let kids find their spots.

  6. Give each group their instruction sheet and tell them they must teach the class about their station in 3 minutes.
  7. Pull Popsicle sticks/numbers to choose kids at random to stand and explain instructions to their peers. Add in anything they missed.
  8. Start a timer for ~15 minutes. grupitos
  9. Have them switch locations when the timer sounds even if they’re not finished. On the last day, give an additional 15 minutes to return to any station they didn’t finish.
  10. Edit as needed for other Levels. I used the basic outline of these stations to make them for Level 2 Spanish as well!!!


Best of luck! I know you can make it til break!!!!!

8 thoughts on ““La Navidad” STATIONS for Spanish!!!

  1. Thank you for such awesome resources. I really like your technique for allowing students to lead the groups. Quick question. When you pull the popsicle stick for the students to teach, do they teach their group or the entire class? I’m thinking the entire class but wondering if I’m understanding correctly.

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    • Yes, I have that student teach the whole class. It eliminates me doing all the talking and being the one responsible for all of the instructions (which I did yesterday in my first period, and realized quickly that I shouldn’t do that again!).

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  3. How many days do you use for this?
    I teach high school Spanish 1-4 (43 minutes periods) and we have 4 Days this week. I just started Somos this year. What level is this geared toward?

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    • I wrote these for my Spanish 1a middle school class, but with slight modifications (different reading/writing activities) I am using them for Spanish 2 and Spanish Language Arts as well. For 1a and 2, it will end up taking 4 52-minute periods, and for SLA it will take 2. I gave 20 mins per station for levels 1a and 2 and 10 mins per station for SLA. Transitions and clean up take the extra minutes. Most days, I’ve had to stop in the middle of a station, so then that’s where we start the next day. Also, I´ll give them time at the end to return to any station if they need to finish the activities!


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