CCFLT 2018!!!!!

I’m so excited for this weekend! YAY!!!! CCFLT!!!!!!!!!!  The first time I presented at CCFLT was in 2011!  I was in grad school, and my friend Jenna and I did a presentation called “TPR: Not Just for Vocab Anymore.” (YESSS, that’s right!!!! I have a link to it!!!!!! OMG!) This was LONG before either of us had ever heard of CI, but we were so before our time!

Below are links to my presentations (the links will be live as of Saturday morning).

Donor’s ChooseIf you are a teacher in need of classroom resources that you don’t have to pay for yourself, Donor’s Choose might be the answer for you. I am not associated with the website in any way, rather, I am a teacher who has had multiple projects funded which have helped my classroom enormously. Come find out my tips and tricks for creating your own Donor’s Choose project. This session will also include work time for you to get your first project started!

Student Buy-In for CI Classroom: In my opinion, teaching with Comprehensible Input Strategies is all about student buy-in and engagement. Staying in the TL for 90% of the time is challenging and may seem impossible when students aren’t doing their 50% of the work! Come find out the many tools I use to encourage buy-in and maintain student engagement. 

Here are a few of my favorite memories of CCFLT!


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