MovieTalk Today’s Google Doodle!!

If you haven’t seen today’s Google Doodle, it’s ADORABLE! AND, it was created by a 2nd grader named Sarah Gomez-Lane (with a little help from the fine folks at Google)!!!!!


google doodle

I’m going to use this for a super fun, interactive MovieTalk/PictureTalk activity!  I always pre-plan Movie or PictureTalk so that I’m ready for any out-of-bounds vocabulary that may come up. Students and I use circumlocution as much as possible, but I will write some words on the board.

  • Hace clic
  • Tiranosaurio, toca la trompeta
  • Dinosaurio come helado, tres sabores
  • Huevo, dinosaurio silba/canta, abrazan
  • Brachiosaurus/brachiosaurio, cuello largo, come arándanos (fruta azul)
  • La pala cava, tierra, insecto
  • Estegosaurio infla el globo

What do you call a group of singing dinosaurs? A tyranno-chorus.

Hope your night is dino-mite!


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