CCFLT 2019!!!! Resources and Links!

Another year, another GREAT spring conference! I love connecting with language teachers!  I’m lucky to have access to great professional development in my district (when they don’t cancel it, that is), and CCFLT gives me a chance to add to my knowledge base with access to presenters from across Colorado and the country! I picked up so many ideas and strategies from incredible presenters including Ying Jin (ACTFL’s 2018 TOY) who shared strategies for interpersonal communication(!), Mira Canion, who always amazes me with her insights to reading, and Martina Castro (Founder and CEO of Adonde Media) who shared the inspirational story of language in her life.

Sadly, our district banned us from attending on Friday, so Lauren and I missed our time slot to present Training Tools for Engagement and Behavior Management (a.k.a. How to get kids to actively listen!).  

Luckily, the amazing CCFLT board figured out a way for us to present a makeup session on Saturday! Lauren has so many great resources and linked all kinds of good stuff into a cheat sheet for us!

One of the most incredible things that happened during our session was discussing the use of ASL for TPR gestures! I LOVE using ASL because it validates yet another language! A few teachers in our session were quite keen on the idea, and wouldn’t you know it, there was an ASL teacher in our session too!!!!!!!! I meant to catch her name and chat with her after but didn’t manage to do so! (If you’re her, please contact me! I’d love to chat more!)  

Another cool moment was when I was talking about my new-found dedication to using the Colorado Academic Standards in talking about my class and objectives! Part of Interpersonal Communication is “spontaneous conversations”!  Have you ever had a student say, “But, Miss, we don’t do anything in here.” or something along those lines? Well, you can show them that you ARE teaching what Colorado wants you to teach by engaging in spontaneous TL conversations!  (Stay tuned for more on the standards soon!!!!!!)

Please let me know if you have any questions about the SLIDES or CHEAT SHEET!

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