Interpersonal Communication Rubric ~ Middle School Training Wheels

Training middle schoolers to “do” CI is hard.  They’re sooooo bouncy and excited, which is GREAT for having an interesting stream of conversation and story ideas, but it also creates a challenge when asking them to look and listen without shouting out!!!  Last year, I started using a daily rubric to help them learn the behaviors I was looking for found here: participation rubric  (ideas for and adaptations of this rubric by Jen Schongalla, Lauren Tauchman, & Bryce Hedstrom).  

After using the rubric linked above for a year, I decided to make my own version of it by adding the specifics that pertain to my classroom (I don’t have desks, so I took that word out, I have class cubbies, so students are prepared simply by being here, I wanted to give an extra point for raised hand participation, I added a definition of Interpersonal Communication, etc.).  Here’s the version I’m going to start using tomorrow: 

Overton rubric.JPG

There are many different participation rubrics floating around (in fact I blogged about the one I used to use 2 years ago!), but, the perk of this rubric is that I pass it out and collect it daily!!!  (As the year goes by, I don’t use it every single day–more as needed.) What I love about using a daily rubric is that student reflect IMMEDIATELY on their participation, communication, contributions, and behavior in class.  I also regularly ask students to pull it out throughout class, not just at the end, so that they can take a moment to reflect and/or set a goal.  Another perk is that I use the blank back side for my EXIT QUIZ!!!!!!!  Depending on how grading works at your school, you’ll have to make it work for you.  For me, it’s mostly a tool, but does help to inform my weekly communication grades.  I hope you can use the version on Bryce’s site, my version, or make a copy of mine and create your own!!!  Happy September!!!

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