Remote Learning Video Take 1

My district gave us an extended spring break before starting up Remote Learning which has been really nice.  I was able to step away from work for a bit before engaging in a teaching style that is brand new to me.  Luckily, some of the Comprehensible Input strategies that I use fit really well with Remote Learning! I figure that I’ll use storytelling and probably even storyasking (using student input through a Google Form) while teaching this way.  So, I’m joining the ranks of teachers who put videos out there for their students to watch!!!!

Since I’m part of the Instructional Leadership Team for my school, I was charged with making an exemplar of Remote Learning to share with staff.  I’m not sure that this is an exemplar, but it is certainly an example of my take on it.  I first thought through what I would typically do in class on the first day or two back from break:

  1. Free Reading
  2. How are you with a show of hands
  3. What do you guess (adivinar – I love that word in Spanish) that I did over break (intentional use of Usted and past tense – nearly all of my students will be in more traditional classrooms in 9th grade so I am very intentional about utilizing points of view/pronouns)
  4. Share what you did over break (sometimes I give them a chance to think, write, pair, share) before sharing whole class and PQA-ing different students’ answers
  5.  I share what I did using photos
  6. Exit quiz


I decided that I could take a screen recording as I talk through the list above to share with students!  I made this Google Doc to follow the general outline of class and videoed my screen and myself using Obs Studio.  The Google Doc is how students will earn their attendance credit and their grade for class.  If they make an effort to fill out each section of the Google Doc, thus showing that they watched/listened to my video, they will earn full credit!  This is my first attempt for Spanish 1B.  I’m not sure how it will go once I roll it out to kids, but I wanted to share it now in case it helps anyone else with ideas for creating lessons!!!  Happy Remote Teaching!!!! 



Here’s my next lesson, a made up story about my nieces and their goat, Sammy!!!


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