I am a middle school Spanish teacher who has been teaching in Denver since 2011. I teach


Photo credit: Karleen Quackenbush

both Spanish Language Arts and Spanish as a Second Language.  Prior to Denver, I taught Beginning Spanish at Colorado State University while earning my Master’s degree.

When I am not teaching, I am either dancing or spending time in the mountains skiing, camping, or mountain biking with my husband, Dennis.

I absolutely love language, traveling, and experiencing other cultures! I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places including: Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala, Belize, Ecuador, England, France, Morocco, Spain, Germany, China, and Thailand.  Last summer, I s
pent time in Puerto Rico where I completed a work-study program as a volunteer at the San Juan National Historic Site and traveled throughout the island.  It was an incredible experience!

I am extremely passionate about teaching and Comprehensible Input strategies.  My hope for this blog
is to share my experience and knowledge to inspire and support you!!!!